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Why you’re here

Journey of Discovery

You have a passion. You have an idea. You’re ready to take the next steps, and that’s exactly why you’re here. Sundragon breathes life into your ideas.

We want to see you thrive

Sundragon Technologies was born to fulfill a vision: to thrive in harmony with life as-it-is, today. We believe that, to live in harmony, we need to live in ever-greater balance with business, technology, and creativity. We do this by nurturing a soulful connection between client and development team which, in our experience, brings about a blossoming of human kindness that has the power to transform the way we do business, and the impact of human activities upon the Earth.

Our Mission: Thriving Lives
Sundragon serves life itself by bringing conscious harmony to the creative lives of our clients, and inevitably bringing balance into our business activities, in health and communion with Earth and all of life.

Sundragon exists to support you in thriving with your business, technology, and creativity. Become part of the Sundragon Tribe today!

Our Methodology

Human-Centered Design

Sundragon is a Human-Centered Design Agency.
Human-Centered Design places people in the center of the creation process (where we rightfully belong!). That means, we create with the best outcome for everyone in mind, body, and heart. By placing life at center-stage, we are offered a chance to design with well-being in mind, to deeply understand whom and what our technologies are developed to serve, and to create innovative new solutions rooted in people’s actual needs and desires.

Your vision needs a Tribe to thrive. We develop with your Tribe in mind, first and last.

In short, we treat our customers and clients like humans, not statistics.

What makes us unique

Creative Confidence

Creative confidence is the quality that Sundragon’s clients rely upon when it comes to making leaps, trusting their intuition, and chasing solutions that they haven’t totally figured out yet. It’s the belief that you *can* *and* *will* come up with creative solutions to big problems, and the confidence that all it takes is rolling up your sleeves and diving in. Creative confidence will drive you to make things, test them out, get it wrong, and keep on rolling, secure in the knowledge that you’ll get where you need to go and that you’re bound to innovate along the way. Sundragon is here to stand beside you as you unlock your ultimate creative capacity. 

We Build Creative Confidence With You

It can take time to build creative confidence, and part of getting there is trusting that the process will show you how to bring a creative approach to whatever problem is at hand. As we start with small successes and then build to bigger ones, you’ll see your creative confidence grow and before long you’ll find yourself in the mindset that you are, in fact, a wildly creative person!

Working with Sundragon not only creates an outstanding finished product; we also transform each other through the process of creating conscious technologies.



Web Applications

Mobile Apps

UX Design


Need a website for your brand? Sundragon provides start-to-finish website development, from branding and design, to hosting and all logistics associated. 

We create websites for: Portfolios, E-Commerce, Petitions, Online Communities, and much more

Web Applications

Need a robust web application for your business? From E-Commerce to SaS, we’ve got you covered! Our team of developers has experience building with popular web frameworks such as React, Angular, Drupal, back-end server systems built on both Apache and Nginx, as well as serverless architectures built with AWS and Google Cloud.

Mobile Apps

Cross-platform mobile apps that bring your vision to life. Developed with care, tested across all device sizes and operating systems. We take the app that’s in your head and get it into the hands of your Tribe! 

UX Design

Have an app or website that isn’t intuitive or fun to use? Have a vision but need to see something more tangible before you can take the next steps? Let’s design your User Experience!


Ecstatic Dance LA

Ecstatic Dance LA is one of Sundragon’s most inspiring clients. The organization’s dedication to the principles of wellness through dance and culture have deeply inspired our company and our vision of what is possible. Ecstatic Dance is a shining example of what we at Sundragon look for in a client: to use technology in order to bring us closer together, and to expand our potential for wellness in self and community.

As they say, “Dance like nobody’s watching!”  When we feel safe, supported, and free to be who we want to be, the world becomes a brighter place.

Sundragon supports Ecstatic Dance LA by providing a variety of tech services, including:


Sundragon built EDLA’s ticketing system from the ground up to be efficient, low-cost, and convenient to teach to volunteers and first-time users. EDLA sells tickets directly through their personal website (managed by Sundragon), and every ticket sold is delivered into their custom mobile/tablet system for check-in staff to easily bring participants into the dance.

Silent Disco

When the world was shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, Ecstatic Dance LA created a new, wellness-conscious form of their already popular dances: go into nature, give each person a ‘portal’ into a world of music made just for them, in that moment, and allow every person to be as far, or as close, as they feel is right for them. Sundragon supported this transformation by offering headphone maintenance services and supporting the production of EDLA’s outdoor events.

Inner Wonders

Inner Wonders is an audio-spiritual experience for iOS and Android which connects you with world-class soundbaths, on-demand, anywhere. Experience the healing effects of singing bowls and guided meditations, at home or on-the-go.

Sundragon designed, developed, deployed, and manage this app on behalf of our client, Inner Wonders Company, and we can do the same for you!

Dharma Creation Institute

“Acea at Sundragon Technologies helped our new company create a beautiful platform showcasing our coaching program, contributor bios, and capturing the ethos and spirit of the work we do visually in a beautiful way. He helped us take our ideas from a vision and translate them into easily-accessible webpages where our clients could find all the information they needed about us and apply to work with us immediately. His understanding of human needs and technical expertise make him the perfect web designer for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to get their services to the right audiences using cutting edge design and technology to deliver the goods gracefully and effectively. If you’re looking for someone who has the technical skills to co-create what your dreaming of, Sundragon is the company to hire!”

Atasiea | Healer

“Working with Acea and Sundragon Technologies to produce my website was such a smooth and supportive experience. His capacity to skillfully interpret the needs of my company and translate them into a beautifully designed website eased the anxiety I often feel when it comes to tech issues and web development which is not my forte. If you’re someone who wants to get on with your work dealing with clients or human social interactions but have allowed the technical requirements of updating and integrating websites into your busisness, I highly recommend working with him to get the support you need.”

The Oregon Country Fair
The team at Sundragon attend a popular festival in Oregon every summer. Due to the COVID pandemic of 2020, the Fair decided to create a virtual experience for Fair-goers to engage and interact with a whole new kind of celebration.

Sundragon assisted a volunteer team consisting of 60+ members working to produce a website to deliver livestreams, on-demand entertainment, and a profound VR/3D exploration experience which connected attendees with performances, vendors, virtual parades, and much more.

For 2021, we have something really special in the works. Stay tuned!

Sustainability Ambassadors
Washington-based non-profit Sustainability Ambassadors is willfully dedicated to educating the new generation in sustainable practices that will positively curb human impact and improve the conditions of life on Earth. Their resources and educational pursuit are focused on middle school and high school youth, the teachers and school districts that guide their learning, and the community stakeholders, especially local governments, who are relying on the next generation to be engaged voters, informed taxpayers, and conscious consumers.

Sundragon consulted with SA to design and develop an easily-accessible resource library for students and teachers of Washington schools.

“SA trains its members to be systems thinkers, to get at the root cause of a problem and address it, and I am glad to have that skill in my pocket going into college.” -Gargi Panatula

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